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Have you heard of Bigfoot?
Bigfoot is a mythical animal that lives in the forrests of North America.  It is a big ape, about 2-3m tall, covered in hair, and smells really really bad.
The history of Bigfoot goes back a long time, just like mythical animals in Japan like the “Kappa” - The big difference is, many people still believe that Bigfoot is a real animal!
Actually it is true that there was a real animal called “gigantopithecus” – It lived in Asia until about 100,000 years ago.  It was 3m tall and weighed about 500kg(完璧にBigfootじゃん!).  Some people believe that some gigantopithecus came to North America and still live there today – which are now believed to be “Bigfoot”.
A Bigfoot has never been captured, and no one has ever found a body.  Many people believe it because someone they know has seen a Bigfoot.  Most people probably saw a bear standing on two legs and thought, “Oh my god!  It’s Bigfoot!” by mistake.  The only evidence are some footprints that were found in the forrest.  That’s why people started using the name “Bigfoot”.
There are some people called “Bigfoot Hunters” that like to go into the forrests looking for Bigfoot.  They are hoping to get a video or picture, but often only smell or hear something that they think was the creature.  Recently there has even been an American reality TV show about “Bigfoot Hunters”.
I think there is a chance that gigantopithecus did come to North America, and the myth of Bigfoot started because of a real animal.  But, to survive until today there would need to be many of them, so I’m almost 100% sure there is no Bigfoot alive now 🙁
This is the most famous video.  It was taken in 1967, and it started all the excitement about Bigfoot.  Some people still believe the video is real.  I think it just looks like a large man wearing a gorilla costume. (笑)