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Morning smoothie! 朝のスムージー

Hello friends!


I haven't made a blog post about food or cooking for a long time.  Has anyone tried cooking with bacon fat, I wonder?


I think a lot of people are worried about health and diet.  Last time I wrote about bacon fat, so this time I'm writing about something more healthy...  Yes, definitely more healthy than bacon fat. 笑


Morning smoothies!


I don't like "dieting" because "diets" end.  Sometimes it's one week, sometimes it's one month...

I like CHANGE.  If you want to be more healthy and lose weight long-term, you have to make a change.  (食生活か運動か)


It's difficult to change your diet completely.  I think it is better to just change one thing, and stick to it.  For me, that was breakfast.


Since I decided to change (数年前から), my breakfast every weekday (平日) has been a smoothie!  It's fast, easy, and delicious!

The "base" for my morning smoothie is always lots of spinach and blueberries, and a little bit of fruit juice (100ml)

Then I add 2 or 3 more things, but change it all the time so I don't get tired of it.  Almost any combination is delicious! (飽きないように、あと色々の2-3つを入れたりする)

Here are my suggestions:

-Half a banana

-1/3 of a kiwi


-Frozen mango (no added sugar)

-Frozen mixed berries

-Greek yogurt

-Soy milk

-Acai (it's good but too expensive!)


Just choose 2 or 3 more things, and put them in your blender!

My blender is small and not very strong, so I have to blend it for a long time...

Action shot! 笑

Now it's ready to drink!  Enjoy!  *Gulp.. Gulp.. Gulp...  Aaahhhhh Delicious!*

I love BACON, but if I eat it everyday, I might turn into a pig!

I have a smoothie every weekday for breakfast, and I think it has helped me a lot.  It is nutricious (栄養たっぷり), but very light, so sometimes I get hungry around 11:00am.  When that happens, I eat one handful of almonds or drink a cup of coffee.  No sweets or snacks!  笑


*Smoothie black-belt secret tip! スムージー黒帯の秘密!*

If you drink alcohol, try adding a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder!  turmeric is reeeeeealllllllly good for you - especially your liver!  Since I started adding turmeric powder, I never have a hangover!!


The taste is quite strong, so be careful not to add too much - just a little everyday.

You could also add 青汁 or other healthy powders.  That's the great thing about smoothies!  You can add anything you want!


Smoothies!  Yeah!!