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The Spiciest Chili Peppers in the World!



(Thank God It's Friday)

In the last two episodes, I have talked about "Ghost Chilies"...  So I decided to make a blog post about "The Hottest Chili Spice Set on Earth!"

I LOVE spicy food...  Maybe too much! 笑

My friend is from San Francisco, and he bought me this chili set while he was visiting his hometown.

To be honest, I was afraid to try it!  I kept it in my refridgerator for months.  Then about one month ago, I finally tried the "Ghost Chilies".

The Ghost Chilies are the least spicy of the three.  Here you can see how spicy they are compared to other chilies.

It was super spicy!  You only need to use a little bit.  I have been eating the Ghost Chilies for about one month, but still I have only used about half.

The Ghost chilies have a really nice smoky flavor too.  I was surprised that the taste wasn't just pure spicy.

After the Ghost Chilies are finished I'll try the...


Then if that doesn't kill me, I'll try the...


Surely I'll be dead or in a coma (昏睡状態) after that! 笑


If, IF! If you are a true 黒帯 Spice Master, and you have a chance, try the spiciest chili peppers!

But be careful!  ...And don't touch the chilis with your fingers.


Spicy Chilis!  Yeah!